Rockhounds in the Big MT

Beartrap Canyon, Madison River

"Too big to take home"

 Looking for malachite and chrysocolla in the 
Castle District near White Sulfur Springs.
Lead, silver, copper, manganese, iron and gold, all right here.
Trees begin to grow back about 100 years later.

A juicy vein

Good enough to cut 

 Marble left, and limestone, right. Bedding plane fractures and fissure veins.

Amongst the folded precambrian schists, granites, and granite gneisses, some of the oldest rocks on our planet at 3,960,000,000 years (zircon dating.) If you believe in the Expanding Earth Theory, then the earth was much smaller when these solidified.

Quartz came in later on

Gneiss, schist in rough, steep country

Another "too big to take home"

Basement rock chopped, folded and intruded upon